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About provides its users with, fast access to a wide variety of goods and services from the full spectrum of the Scrapbooking industry. From retail stores, online stores, communities, special events, conventions, trade shows, fairs, and more. Lists the companies that make Scrapbooking happen.
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Who visits is designed as a comprehensive resource tool for the Scrapbooking consumer. is dedicated to the thousands of people behind the scene who "make" Scrapbooking the number one- Home and family craft in the World!
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What does offer ? offers a free review of your sites Search Engine Optimization? Yes. Any Scrapbooking related business with more than 30% of it's product dedicated to the Scrapbooking industry, can submit their site for inclusion. Site listings include a title (with hyperlink to your site) plus site description. Also included is our Industry wide recognized ranking logo, which is placed at the bottom of your front page which will record your standing and traffic to your site. The higher your ranking in the Scrapbooking industry the higher your ranking on

The SBTOP50 ranking Logo is a fully integrated graphic counter which tracks traffic to your site 24/7. We back up all your data on our redundant servers and maintain this information in a safe and secure environment. You may elect to make your standing private or public, the choice is always yours!

Why Join ScrapbookingTop50? Anyone who is anyone started with being ranked on We have over 2.29 million references on Google alone and have been ranked by Google since its beginning. ScrapbookingTop50 appears consistently in the top 15 sites under the Keyword Scrapbooking!.. What does this mean? By being on ScrapbookingTop50 you get crossed linked to Google and 100's of other search engines. That's worth its weight in gold, just ask any SEO expert.

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